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  • Importer and Distributor of Watch Batteries and Watchmaker's Supplies Since 1991


In Stock Products with Videos:

Bergeon Jaxa Case Opener, Product No. BG2819-08

Bergeon Waterproofing Tester, Product No. BG5555/98

Bergeon Oscillating Weight Tool, Product No. BG6923

Bergeon Case Opener, Product No. BG6987

Glass and Dial Cleaning Pen, Product No. BG7971

Hand and Index Cleaning Pen, Product No. BG7971-MINI

Bergeon Protective Sheets, Product No. BG7982-60-020

Diablo Vacuum Leak Tester, Product No. DIABLO-VT

125 Bar Waterproof Tester, Product No. DIVER-125BAR
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Pressure Test:

Matador Ultrasonic Watch Cleaner, Product No. MATADOR-WCM

Watchmaker's Loupe, Product No. MSA00.001-1

Professional Screwdriver Sharpener, Product No. MSA01.504

Non-slip Bergeon Casing Cushion, Product No. BG5393-75

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