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Concave Flat Top Plastic Crystals

To add multiple crystals to your shopping cart, input the quantity(s) in the text box(s) associated with the crystal diameter (or code), and then hit the submit button at the bottom (Volume discounts, if applicable, are for multiples of same sized crystal). To view a specific product's specifications, click on the crystal diameter (or code) in the grid.

Price: $4.25

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8.4mm 8.5mm 8.6mm 8.7mm 8.8mm 8.9mm 9.0mm 9.1mm 9.2mm 9.3mm
9.4mm 9.5mm 9.6mm 9.7mm 9.8mm 9.9mm 10.0mm 10.3mm 10.4mm 11.1mm
11.2mm 11.4mm 11.6mm 11.7mm 12.6mm 12.8mm 13.8mm 13.9mm 14.0mm 14.1mm
14.2mm 14.3mm 14.8mm 14.9mm 15.3mm 15.4mm 15.5mm 15.6mm 15.8mm 15.9mm
16.0mm 16.1mm 16.3mm 16.4mm 16.5mm 16.6mm 16.7mm 16.8mm 16.9mm 17.1mm
17.3mm 17.5mm 17.6mm 17.8mm 18.0mm

Total crystals in Concave Flat: 55

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